Hello/Ola/Bonjour Gentlemen.
Hello/Ola/Bonjour Gentlemen.
"The Only True BDSM escort"
Welcome to my world. A world of fiery passion, sensuous kinks, creative fetishes and heavenly pleasure.
I am a specialist in the science and art of sensual pleasure. An expertise gained through ardent study in the art of sex, psychology, and girlfriend experience.
What I offer is not just physical pleasure but a bliss on deeper level covering the body, the mind, the heart and the soul.
I customize and curate each session based on my dear client's deepest desires and materialise pure unforgettable bliss.
Whatever it is that your heart craves; Wild or Soft, Roleplay or Fetish, BDSM or pure Girlfriend Experience, I "The Divine Black Rose" mistress of Carnal Ecstasy" can take you in my loving embrace provided you are amongst the elite.
My curated packages of bliss are as follows. Kindly do not waste your own and my time in case you have both "The Intention" and "The Capacity" to avail my company.
1) The economy cost saver package: This is for clients seeking top class usual service at cost effective commercials. Simple sweet loving run of the mill love making. Rs 15000 per hour.
2) The "True Girlfriend Experience" pack. This is for the elite, intelligent clients who seeks not just physical bliss but also emotional and mental bliss. Experience the best girlfriend you can ever dream of. Rs 17000 per hour
3) The Platinum BDSM Pack. For the best of the best and the most suave elite clientele. This is tailored curated session as per your kinks and desires. Want me to be your devoted slave with no limits, engage me at Rs 40000 per hour. Discussion charges 1500/- for 30 minutes discussion in which I will understand your requirement and design the session along with you.
4) "The Dark Goddess" Female domination dominatrix BDSM pack. I, as Femdom mistress have no limits. Your limits decide how hard a session you want. Anything and everything from soft BDSM to very hard BDSM. Rs 50000 per hour.
Walk towards me if you want to experience heaven.
Love you all
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