Hallo Gentleman's
Hallo Gentleman's
you can address me as kausalie I grew up in kochi kerela I am uni grad but I hate office jobs so i can't find passion back home so secretly i fell into this from working PT at massage shops across cochin n ekm, a friend told me I am hot enough to do my own gig.
I've always been interested in guys my name is I am 25.
MSG me Viet but with Indian parents so I can speak Malyalam as well as English I have baby soft white skin (little tannish) that I tripple moisturise and bathe in milky skin care products and keep pure you'll feel how soft and warm I am and take a squeeze n suck my boobies like you are milking them they are round 32D Cups with pink young nip-ps.
When pressing against me you'll want to get deeper n closer because I feel oh so nice, I really do make my boys feel like a connection that they want me for life. Don't stalk me it's a turn off, just blow me downstairs and ill thank you for it taking you into my mouth for all it's glory to cum.
What I prefer is a slow start a nice preheating the oven a gentle climax that ends up in heavy breathing, I moan with excitement and so will you as our bodies clash because it's not just intense sexual pleasure it's the love making connection I adore in making ...takes some effort to get there but I know it's all worth it
My figure is cuddly with curves imma size 5 thing at the hips then curved with a roundish but obviously you can see my real pics here so need I say more?
My face is cute, beautiful but only 4 ur eyes only when you come
I am oh so naughty it's why I escort I want to explore and i like to tease like no other you'll be chasing me all over the room and ONCE U CATCH me ill submit to your cock for a reward of sucking n doing while you see my sexy nerdy self be penetrate as if it were mai first time but ill activate your manly senses and you'll naturally want to protect and OWN ME which is what i like in my man
I love all positions including 69er, mutual masturbation, foreplay, erotic body slides, me sucking you till you fall back on the bed with pleasure, missionary sometimes you like to take over, deep tongue kissing, dressup like student or office girl, submission, I can even entertain some BDSM such as slapping you, intimidating you all while looking scared myself but scaring you back like I am in defensive mode.....doesn't matter because in the end we both will scream to completion.
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